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Frequently Asked Questions - Many of these refer to Route_Riter, but are also applicable to RW_Tools.

Error Messages after Installation or Upgrading I receive Error 76 when first try to run Route-Rites:
After clicking OK on the Startup screen:
The possibility is that the Route_Riter 6 registry entry has become messed up, in which case it will be necessary to use Regedit, and look for the entry:
HKEY _CURRENT_USERand VBA Program Settings_Riter6,
Right click on Route_Riter6 (and Route_Riter as well if it exists from a previous version) and select Delete from the menu. The program should then run OK (The registry entries are then re-written when you next exit RR)

The Route_Riter main window opens too high on my screen and I cannot drag it back into place:

There must be a problem with the registry entry for Route_Riter as this tells RR to open on the screen in the position it was closed in.
I suggest you run Regedit from the Start menu run box, and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERand VBA Program Settings_Riter6
Click on Route_Riter6 and under it you will see an entry Startup
Left-click on Startup and you should see entries for Height/Left/Top/Width
Right-click on Top and select MODIFY from the menu and change the figure in the box to something like 2000 this should move the Route_Riter screen down to around the screen centre.

I receive Error 429 whenever I try 'Set up new .ENV files' or some other options:

If you still get this Error 429 after you have carried out the option in 2. above, and you find that you can run the Check Route' option successfully, then it is likely that you have a problem running scripts on your Pc. This can be overcome by going to the Desktop Start/Run box and entering- regsvr32.exe scrrun.dll then clicking the OK button. After this everything should work OK

I receive Error 429 whenever I try Route_Riter's ZIP options:

This can be caused by the ZIP dll not being registered correctly. This can be overcome by going to the Desktop Start/Run box and entering-
regsvr32.exe SawZipNG.dll -
Then clicking the OK button. After this everything should work OK

I am using Windows 98 and am unable to see the Route_Riter help files:

This is similar to 3. above: Windows 98 does not natively read .chm files, so needs hhctrl.ocx installed to do this, this file must also be registered as above:-
regsvr32.exe hhctrl.ocx
A useful utility is: MJsDiag available by clicking here, it checks your Help file .dlls etc and fixes some errors automatically as well as showing you a report.

I receive Error 75 while running Check Route (or some other items):

Error 75 - Means 'Unable to access the selected file' - This is usually because the file in question is READ ONLY There is a button on the MSTS File Utils screen, (RS_Tools options menu) which will force all files in your MSTS installation to be Read/Write, or you may change individual files to Read/Write using Windows Explorer.
However, if you are using Vista or Windows 7, Error 75 may occur if you are not running the program with Administrators rights.

I receive Error 380 when Route_Riter starts or when running TsUtils:

'This has been connected to problems with the Java installation. Users have found that downloading the latest version from Java Manual Downloads for All Operating Sytems. Make sure you download the 'Manual Download' version because Windows XP SP2 has been found to block installation of the automatic version.

I can not get TsUtils to run:

Open a DOS window and go to the TsUtil folder, then type at the prompt java TSUtil - You should get the response 'Error --- too less arguments!' Instructions for use can be obtained with argument '?'! ("java TSUtil ?"). 'This response indicates Java/TsUtil is correctly installed. However I found that on my PC, I had to place the TsUtil class and properties files into the folder c:filesas mentioned in the readme.txt file in the TsUtil folder of Route_Riter. This fixed everything up.

AVG anti-virus reports UHARC.exe as a virus in Route_Riter:

This is a 'false positive' report by recent versions of AVG. UHARC.exe is a compression program like WinZip, however I am modifying Route_Riter (v7.0.74 onwards) so that if UHARC is missing, then the button for using it will be greyed out. In the meantime, anyone who is worried or annoyed by this AVG report can safely remove UHARC from the Route_Riter folder.

I receive Error 75 when Packaging an Activity:

This has been reported when a user checks a selected activity and finds it is OK, yet when he tries to package that activity he gets an Error 75. Error 75 usually means that a file is inaccessible because it is Read Only, but in this case it is caused by the .zip utility not being registered correctly. Correct this in a similar manner to registration errors in item 4. above, ie. with the entry in the RUN box of:
regsvr32.exe SAWZipNG.dll

Problems with the Java/TsUtils installation:

As TsUtils is now used for all compress/uncompress operations within Route_Riter, it is imperative that a working Java setup is running on your PC. The latest version can always be downloaded from Java Manual Downloads for All Operating Systems. Make sure you download the 'Manual Download' version because Windows XP SP2 has been found to block installation of the automatic version. From v7.0.23, Route_Riter automatically runs a java script on startup, and will advise you if Java/TsUtils are not working. At which time Route_Riter will close.
TsUtils is normally installed in the Route_Riterfolder, but if you have installed Java and it still does not work, you should go to the Java folder, normally at c:Filesor in 64 bit systems to c:Files (x86), in which are subfolders bin and lib. Make a new folder 'classes' which will then appear between these two and copy the contents of the TsUtil folder into this new Classes folder. After which TsUtils should run OK.

Using Route_Riter with Windows Vista and Windows 7:

Route_Riter, RW_Tools and MSTS all run fine under Vista (although due to limitations of early video and sound card drivers, MSTS does leave something to be desired). Install Route_Riter V7 as usual under Vista using the Full Install versions of Route_Riter.
You must also download and install Java to be able to use the TsUtils options.
After that, Route_Riter should run fine under Vista, however it has been found that you will need to run Route_Riter as an administrator.
To do this:-
Open the folder which contains the program file (by default C:\Program
Right-click the Route_Riter.exe file
On the Compatability tab, click the 'Run this program as an Administrator' check-box.
Click OK, then the program will always run in Administrator mode.

Help file won't open - "Navigation to the web page was cancelled":

You have been blessed with yet another Microsoft security fix! Microsoft security update 896358 included changes to the InfoTech protocol that blocks the ability to view remote content. These changes were introduced to reduce security vulnerabilities in HTML Help.
The net effect of this "security update" is that you may find you are unable to open the Route_Riter Help file. Fortunately, the cure is simple. Browse to "route_riter.chm" in Windows Explorer, right-click, select "Properties" and click on "Unblock"

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